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Nov 2018: A History of Wolves

A History of Wolves by Emily Fridlund

Fiction suggested by Barbara

Achingly beautiful prose, haunting, lyrical, disturbing, a web of mysteries, a glimmer of dread.

Teenage Linda lives on a failed commune in the austere north Minnesota woods. Her life of solitude cracks open when her history teacher is charged with child pornography. The new family across the lake are also not what they appear to be. As she struggles to find a way out of the sequestered world into which she was born, Linda confronts the life-and-death consequences of the things people do—and fail to do—for the people they love.

What is more important, our internal “truths” or our external reality? And are the consequences of our actions judged by our assumptions or our intentions, or even by whether we are reactive, proactive, or passive?