Presenter Suggestions

Suggestions for Presenters at reading group meetings.

Presenters are welcome to lead or facilitate the book discussion any way they would like. The following are suggestions to help people get ready for their meeting.

  • Do a search for discussion questions + book title (for example, discussion questions The Old Man and the Sea). Most of the books we have read have published lists. You do not need to ask them all; just pick out those that you find interesting to discuss.
  • Do a search for book reviews for your book. These can provide a lot of interesting background information to share.
  • Consider researching the background of the author and other news related to the book that would help increase the reader’s appreciation and understanding the context of the book.
  • Highlight a passage or two that you enjoyed and ask the group to comment on them.
  • Please remember, we are friends, not students in a graduate seminar.