Group Guidelines

  • Everyone is welcome, including people who live outside Barron Park.
  • We start at 7:30pm on the first Wednesday of the month (except if there is a conflict such as a major holiday, or everyone agrees.)
  • This website will be a place to keep information about book choices, ideas, etc., so information is available to all, at any time.
  • Feel free to attend, even if you have not read the book.
  • You do not need to send RSVP confirmations that you will attend; just come.
  • Food. The homeowner or host provides beverages (usually tea and water). Small snacks are provided spontaneously by members (who are urged to take leftovers home).
  • Meetings. We chat casually until we are ready to discuss the book. The presenter may need to nudge the group to begin the discussion; however, socializing is part of our stated purpose.
    Discussion may be open or structured, and will be guided by the evening presenter.
  • The presenter will be the person who recommended the book. We will all take turns.
  • The evening presenter will help the group decide on the replacement book(s). Because several members use the library, we will try to keep a queue of three books, with the third book in the queue being replaced at each meeting.
  • When the formal group discussion wanes, members are welcome to stay and chat.
  • Selections will be fiction or nonfiction, depending on the group’s choice.
  • Guidelines (such as these) are just suggestions and may be broken or cast aside as long as the group agrees.
  • Please use the Contact Form for additions and changes to the Contact List, or to be added to the mailing list. In order to keep our list manageable, we’ll clean it up about once a year, removing anyone we haven’t seen or heard from. You can sign up again any time.
  • Please feel free to add books to the Future Book Ideas List by using the form on the Share Book Ideas page. We hope the site is set up as a shared place, with everyone able to share. If this does not work, we will think of another approach.
  • Members are urged to express their opinions and feelings. We come together in the spirit of trust, acceptance, and friendship.