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Jun 2022: The Perfect Marriage

The Perfect Marriage by Jeneva Rose

Fiction suggested by Zhenhua

Gripping psychological suspense – Adam’s mistress is murdered and all evidence points to him. His attorney wife Sarah puts her anger aside to defend him.

From an Amazon reviewer —  Sarah Morgan is a powerful defense attorney with an enviable life…until you take a closer look. Her husband Adam is a struggling writer, jealous of his wife’s success. After Sarah blew off their tenth anniversary celebration because of a pressing case at her firm, Adam has had enough. He entertains Kelly, a gorgeous young barista whom he’d been having an affair with, in the vacation home that he and Sarah purchased.

When Adam is arrested the next morning for Kelly’s murder, he’s in shock…she was sound asleep and alive when he left her. Kelly not only has a husband, but a dark past as well. Is Adam about to take the fall for something he didn’t do, or is he hiding something too? Shockingly, Sarah puts her anger and resentment aside to defend her husband in a high-stakes murder case. What will her investigation uncover?