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Sep 2017: Unfair

Unfair: The New Science of Criminal Injustice by Adam Benforado

Non-Fiction suggested by Terry

A child is gunned down by a police officer; an investigator ignores critical clues in a case; an innocent man confesses to a crime he did not commit; a jury acquits a killer. The evidence is all around us: Our system of justice is fundamentally broken.

But it’s not for the reasons we tend to think, as law professor Adam Benforado argues in this eye-opening, galvanizing book. Even if the system operated exactly as it was designed to, we would still end up with wrongful convictions, trampled rights, and unequal treatment. This is because the roots of injustice lie not inside the dark hearts of racist police officers or dishonest prosecutors, but within the minds of each and every one of us.

A science based look at our criminal system weaving together the latest findings in psychology and neuroscience with real-world stories of injustice.

Adam Benforado presents innovative ways to improve the system.