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No Man Knows My History

No Man Knows My History by Fawn M. Brodie

Non-fiction suggested by Shirley

Description on Amazon — The great Mormon founder, his struggles and revelations to attempt to change the world. A great, comprehensive overview of the life of Joseph Smith. The reader will understand why he was (and still is!) such a controversial figure, a charlatan on one side and a prophet on the other.

From an Amazon reader — This is one of the books that has received the most flack from LDS members since its writing. I guess it makes sense, written by a member who had left the faith, the niece of a Prophet (David O. McKay) it is an engaging read that formulates a human perspective on Joseph Smith, which some refer to as the “pious fraud” perspective. The sourcing is thorough and the history first-rate and the biography is actually a very readable book.

From Shirley — I’m reading what I think is a really interesting book, “No Man Knows My History”, by Fawn Brodie and written a long time ago — the 1940’s. She revised it a few years before she died. It’s about Joseph Smith, the inventor of the LDS church. I like it because it’s American history. The author’s family were members of high standing. She either left the church of her own accord, or was excommunicated. I also like it because it shows what people who want power and an audience will do to get this.