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Crashing Through

Crashing Through by Robert Kurson

Non-fiction suggested by Janice

From Amazon — “Blinded in a childhood accident, Mike May never hesitated to try anything—driving a motorcycle, hiking alone in the woods, downhill skiing—until the day, when he was 46, an ophthalmologist told him a new stem-cell and cornea transplant could restore his vision. May, always a “”pioneer in his heart,”” had never really felt he was missing anything in life. He had a wife and children, a startup business, and a full interesting life. And the surgery had risks. May went forward, only to find that, even though his eye was now perfect, his brain had forgotten how to process visual input. How May adjusts to his medical miracle, living with the disappointments as well as the joys, makes for a remarkable story of courage and endurance.”

From Janice — His story is fascinating, both on a personal/emotional level and also because of the well-explained dive into the science and psychology of vision. As one reviewer stated, “The moral, ethical, and spiritual facets of blindness, vision, and vision restoration are extremely engaging.”